Welcome to Kendall Kitchen   CAMBRIDGE, MA

Kendall Kitchen Café & Restaurant has been serving breakfast and lunch in Kendall Square for over 10 years. We love fueling the bellies and minds of the geniuses that have made Kendall Square the Bio, Pharma and Technology epicenter of the world. The discriminating palates of our patrons from around the globe challenge us every day with innovating and serving high-quality, made from scratch, yummy food with fast service at a fair price. Despite our limited footprint, we offer the largest menu variety of any restaurant in Kendall Square.

We are proud to be on a first name basis with hundreds of our patrons. We have built our reputation on trust and personalized service. There’s a line out that door for a reason, and it’s not just the food! We truly love cooking and serving great food. Please come in and get to know us. Come in and taste what it means to be my guest.

See you soon,
Hermes, Iseida, Juan, Kelsey, Joceline, Hope, Vanessa, Daniel & Hratch